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[TOC] ¶

## FAQ ¶

Files from foreign users _can_ contain malicious content. We have applied some basic checks to prevent malicious files, but we can't secure each file. So keep in mind: Opening files attached by other users can may damage your system! ¶

Clicking on a link of an attachment will prompt you for downloading, or open it with an application on your computer. We think this is more secure than opening it in your browser. ¶

### The form to attach a file isn't shown ¶

It is only allowed to attach files in the forum if you had written at least 5 posts. ¶

### File size ¶

The maximum file size is 4Mb. ¶

### Allowed type of files ¶

We allow only this type of files: ¶

Extension | Description ¶
-------------- | ---------------- ¶
_\*.wgf_ | Widelands savegame ¶
_\*.wai_ | Widelands configuration of AI ¶
_\*.lua_' | Lua file, usually used for configuring Widelands ¶
_\*.jpg_ , _\*.jpeg_, _\*.gif_, _\*.png_ | Images ¶
_\*.ogg_ | Sound files ¶
_\*.ods_ | Openoffice spread sheet ¶
_\*.zip_ | Compressed archive ¶
_\*.json_ | JavaScript Object Notation ¶
_\*.txt_ | Text files ¶
_\*.csv_ | Comma-separated values as text ¶

### Handling replays ¶

A widelands replay consists of two files: One with extension _\*.wrpl_ and one with extension _\*.wrpl.wgf_ ¶
Please make a zip file containing theses files and upload the zip file.