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As you might have noticed, on are some Forums with different titles. This page describes what they are for and give some hints on syntax.

Note that you must have an account before you can post in the forums.


The Syntax is nearly the same as described in WikiSyntax After the next chapter you will find additional syntax whom we believe, theyr'e where useless in our Wiki.


In General it is usefull, if you tell us the Version of Widelands you are playing with.

There are specific forums related to one specific object.

Forum Answers questions to What should you tell us?
Technical Help Gamecraches, "Where could i find setting XY?",... Crashes: How to write a good Bug report , otherwise be descriptive
Game suggestions Missing features, AI, Gamehandling, ...
Playing Widelands "My economy stocks", Campaigns, Tutorial, ... If necessary, provide a savegame
Widelands Editor All issues about the Map editor

The main language in our Forums is english, but if you wish to ask a question in your native language, look at International Player Forums.

The section Widelands Development contains development related issues. Please take a look at Contribute to get an overview if you wish to enhance Widelands.

Additional Syntax


Smiley Syntax Smiley Syntax Smiley Syntax Smiley Syntax
face-angel.png O:-) face-confused.png :-/ face-confused.png :/ face-cool.png B-)
face-cool.png B) face-crying.png :'-( face-crying.png :'( face-devilish.png ]:-)
face-glasses.png 8-) face-glasses.png 8) face-grin.png :-D face-grin.png :D
face-kiss.png :-x face-kiss.png :x face-kiss.png :-* face-kiss.png :*
face-mad.png :(( face-sad.png :-( face-sad.png :( face-shock.png :-O
face-shock.png :O face-smile.png :-) face-smile.png :) face-smile-big.png :-))
face-smile-big.png :)) face-surprise.png :-o face-surprise.png :o face-tongue.png :-P
face-tongue.png :P face-upset.png :-S face-upset.png :S face-wink.png ;-)
face-wink.png ;)

These smileys conflicts with the table syntax ( face-shock.png ), so they are shown here:
face-mad.png = :|| ; face-monkey.png = :(|) ; face-plain.png = :-| ; face-plain.png = :|

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